Three Ways To Address USB Risks

A USB drive that stores encrypted data. The encryption may be performed by third-party encryption software or the software that comes with the drive. In either case, the software is configured to encrypt the data before writing to the drive and decrypt after reading.

Usually, Lockngo is running from the same USB drive for which it was created. This allows locking and unlocking usb disk on any computer to which it is connected. All what you need to lock / unlock it is located on the same usb disk. But, sometimes usb lock you move your files between several particular computers. To increase security you can remove Lockngo files from this usb disk. You keep copies of Lockngo on all your computers and run it from local disk (desktop or any other location).usb security

Terrible help: The Help file that comes with this program is a jumble of information, and it doesn’t always match up with what you see on your own screen when using the app. While the app’s usb security interface is straightforward enough that you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the features you’re looking for, it would be nice to have a usable reference when problems arise as well.


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