USB Disk Security

There are many different types of secure portable devices on the market, with different target certain security levels and users. Finding an acceptable level of security – choosing the appropriate device – will depend lock usb on your needs: a government organisation or high security business will be looking for sophisticated levels of protection, while the average user may simply want to be more secure transferring data via a USB device.

The news here is that it’s a compact and surreptitious device without external or internal power source. Of course, it would be much easier to find a nearby mains socket, plug a power cord cut off some appliance – with bare wires sticking out – and mash the energized wires into usb access control any opening in a device’s chassis. Alternatively, one could use a re-purposed camera flash circuitry to ‘zap’ anything, probably with better effectiveness than this little gadget can achieve. But this would be far less easy and inconspicuous that an innocent-looking USB stick.

I will however have another hunt for the appropriate level of documentation over the weekend, but I already have the feeling it may not be available to the level required. In which usb access control case you will have to provide it without encumbrance, and if you want me to do more than a cursory read through it I can make my contract rates and TOCs available to you.


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