Secure USB Drive Definition From PC Magazine Encyclopedia

Greg Shultz explores the Windows 7 version of BitLocker To secure usb Go and shows you how it works on a USB thumb flash drive.

The more recent data encryption solutions enable laptop or desktop computers to encrypt data before it is completely written to a storage unit such as a USB drive. This is a feature found in many software-based usb security encryption products. Devices using encryption software can be configured in a way that enforces strong security policies and prevents unauthorized users from surrounding the process.

As you will expect, hardware with built-in self-encryption costs more than standard non-encrypting hardware. That said, the software-free design does allow you to use self-encrypting hardware without taking a specific usb access control OS into account. Moreover, these devices stymie brute-force attacks by deleting the on-board decryption key after a predetermined number of errors, rendering the remaining data as nothing more than gibberish.usb security camera software


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