USB Secure 2.0.6 With Patch Computer Media

Security is the most ignored important aspect of computers when it comes to home users. While there are a many lock usb users that use security suites or standalone antivirus / antispyware software, they don’t add to the majority.

You people really think that is UN-hackable? Seriously? Who writes this stuff? I came here to see if someone had really done that. But nope. The government WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO MAKE SOMETHING they cannot bypass, backdoor, etc…..I myself wrote a script to deal with this in under 3 seconds, gave me full remote access, changed permissions, gave me silent, invisible remote access, and set flash drives usb security file system to ntfs, all in one boom, gotcha. I could copy the data somewhere, destroy it, or keep the USER HIMSELF from ever touching that data again without my say-so. I was the Senior Systems Admin for a county wide school system. Best thing to do is, kiddos, read your books, lessons, whatever. Or you’ll run into someone like me, who will make you come crawling to my office to unlock your data.

Before discussing common methods of securing portable storage devices, it’s worth highlighting an often-underappreciated advantage of encrypting data on portable storage devices. secure usb Specifically, properly encrypted data offers a safety net against potentially embarrassing or damaging data surfacing from storage devices that were discarded or sold off.usb security


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